Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Women Named America in the 1850 Census

More than 5,000 women named America are listed in the 1850 Federal census. These are the best of them:

America Bacon, Tattnall, GA, b. 1847

America Bell, Nevins, IN, b. 1838

America Best, Screven, GA, b. 1825

America Bragg, Macon, IL, b. 1826

America Bully, Perry, TN, b. 1807

America Church, Wilkes, NC, b. 1844

America Cupp, New Madrid, MO, b. 1839

America Eden, Wooford, KY, b. 1824

America England, Lindsey, MO, b. 1845

America Fortune, Greene, AL, b. 1803

America Freeman, Smyth, VA. b. 1849

America Funk, Clinton, OH, b. 1810

America Goforth, Johnson, MO, b. 1837

America Golden, Sonora, IL, b. 1847

America Hell, Eel River, IN, b. 1841

America Justice, Nottoway, VA, b. 1822

America King, Buckeystown, MD, b. 1825

America A. Land, Saline, MO, b. 1805

America Law, Chambers, AL, b. 1837

America McDonald, Robertson, TN, b. 1837

America Marvel, Lawrence, IL, b. 1850

America Nations, Greene, IN, b. 1847

America Noble, Farmersville, NY, b. 1809

America Peace, Henry, TN, b. 1848

America Queen, Somerville, AL, b. 1832

America Southern, Hardin, KY, b. 1830

America Vice, Jackson, IN, b. 1834

America Weekly, Wyoming, WI, b. 1841

America West, Halifax, VA, b. 1822

America Right, Campbell, VA, b. 1820

Honorable mention goes to:

North America Ashley, Gallatin, MS, b. 1827

North America Humphrey, Muhlenberg, KY, b. 1848

And a special certificate of achievement for adding just a little extra specificity goes to:

Anglo America Roe, Telfair, GA, b. 1836