Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Names, Names, Names!

Many thanks to the readers who continue to send me excellent New England names. I apologize for not getting around to posting them until now.

From Joseph at Sticks and Stones Photography, we have Redexsalana Bissell of East Windsor, CT:

From commenter RJO, we have Philemon Whale of Wayland, MA:

Also from RJO, Greenleaf Mayo Patch (or Mayo Greenleaf Patch? this entry is a little confusing) of Reading, MA. Maybe he can be Fanny Forward's gardener:


Infostream Network said...

In the UK we have a show called Have I Got News For You where they constantly go on about a man called Randy Baumgardner - a state legislator in the us.

Anonymous said...
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Robert J. said...

And let us also remember Royal Paine, Esq.


Robert J. said...

Not to mention Asenath Tarbox (who ought to be a Harry Potter character).


Joe G said...

It's been awhile since I've visited your vastly indifferent blog. ;)
I was happy to see you posted my pic. Thanks for the credit and link.
Love reading your stories--they're interesting and well written, and thus, addicting.