Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nickname Quiz Answers

Here are the answers. How did you do?

1. Bess          H. Elizabeth

2. Jemmy      K. James

3. Sookie      D. Susan (can also be L. Sarah)

4. Harry        A. Henry

5. Nancy       J. Anne

6. Pip            O. Philip

7. Daisy        F. Margaret

8. Kit            C. Christopher

9. Sally         L. Sarah

10. Hodge     M. Roger

11. Polly       P. Mary

12. Ned         E. Edward

13. Nell         B. Ellen

14. Hitch       G. Richard

15. Fanny      N. Frances

16. Hob         I. Robert


Pauline said...

I matched up 10 correctly. Do I get a half point for matching Sookie with Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Molly or Mollie for Mary is also common.

Anonymous said...

got all 16. Looking forward to finding out what "Snapdragon" is a nickname for....

Unkie Dave

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that I too have an obcession with names and write too much historical fiction - 16/16!

Quite a few of the short names were, I think, interchangeable, ie, some of the short names for Mary (like Molly, Polly) could have been used for Margaret (which had similar short names like Meggy and Peggy).

~ Jacobea.

David B. Appleton said...

I actually did better than I though I would have; 14 of 16 (I got Margaret and Mary reversed). This was a fun quiz to take!

Shadow Boxer said...

16 for 16! Kit confused me, i had to go through process of elimination.

Kaethe said...

I got 13, so I'm feeling very smart right now. and historical.