Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Middle Ground

Today, I am reading The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 by Richard White (1991).
Page 123 is taken up by a large image, so here is page 124:
Indian hunters shifted to seeking the so-called menues pelleteries and, more significantly, to trading deerskins and bearskins, although initially there was not much demand for either. In 1726 Intendant DuPuy suggested importing leather workers or finding some way for the army to use the skins which otherwise would either be smuggled to New York or traded there directly by the Indians. Although the Louisiana posts sought deerskins, the Canadians took them only from necessity.

I'm just getting started, but it looks good. I'll let you know how it goes as I read more.

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