Thursday, April 25, 2013

101 Ways, Part 119: Took His Exit

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John Tyler Mann, Wrentham, MA, 1792

Here is deposited the body of
he was born the 5th, Octr. 1791.
he took his exit 24th, Novr, 1792.
Son of Doct. James & Mrs Patty Mann
Sweet lovely boy, twas thine, with myriads more,
To close the opening eye, soon after birth;
How happy they, whose toils so soon are o're, 
How blest the babe, consign'd to parent earth.
This reason whispers, thus religion cries,
Their voice in unison, proclaims thee blest;
But still the trickling tears, and heavy sighs,
Speaks the sad sorrows of a mothers breast.
Say, does religion blame the gentle tear?
Can reason condemn the heartfelt sigh of woe?
Impossible! our Jesus wandring here
Wept o're his friends nor chek'd afflictions flow.

Similar to #62: Made His Exit

As far as I can tell, the verse is original.

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