Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Obituary for Mr. Cheever

On the death of Ezekiel Cheever, noted schoolmaster, Samuel Sewall composed this obituary:
He was born January, 25. 1614. Came over to N-E. 1637. to Boston: To New-Haven 1638. Married in the Fall and began to teach School; which Work he was constant in till now. First, at New-Haven, then at Ipswich; then at Charlestown; then at Boston, whether he came 1670. So that he has Labour'd in that Calling Skillfully, diligently, constantly, Religiously, Seventy years. A rare Instance of Piety, Health, Strength, Serviceableness. The Welfare of the Province was much upon his Spirit. He abominated Perriwigs.
No higher praise.


Charles Cowling said...

I am so with him on Perriwigs. And for managing, heaven knows how, to sustain a lifetime in the schoolroom, I raise my hat (and even tug a respectful forelock).

Anonymous said...

Love the great SS, but when quoting from the diary, could you put the entry date in the post. Love the blog too, I've read every entry.

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

Sure. This one is 8/21/1708.

If you ever want to follow up on a reference, you can also read (and search!) Sewall's diary on