Monday, January 11, 2010

Beware the Tassel

This daguerreotype (ca. 1855) of George Leverett Stowell is part of the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection. If you click through, you can view over 700 early daguerreotypes in their online exhibit, America's First Look Into the Camera. Be careful, though. They might force you to wear a monkey-armed coat and a hat left over from the BPOE parade.


Anonymous said...

Several of my local gravestones from ca. 1800 have nearly carved tassels in the tympanic drapery.

I think we today may be living in an unusually tassel-poor era. If we wish to truly enter into a spirit of historical sympathy with those who went before, we may have to add more tassels.


Anonymous said...

Make that "neatly"...

—RJO (having log-in troubles)