Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: David Blood

David Blood, 1787, Pepperell, MA
IN Memory of
who was struck dead in the
70th year of his age, by an overturn
of his cart, Decr. ye 6th 1787.
He was industrious in his calling
peaceable in his behavior upright in his
dealings kind to the distressed friendly
to the clergy very constant in
publick worship, and faithful in his
office in the Church.
Death alas perhaps too nigh,
In the next hedge doth sculking lie;
There plants his engines thence lets fly his dart:
Which while we ramble without fear
Will stop us in our full career,
And force us from our airy dream to part.

Another cart accident.

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Peter Fisk said...

I guess now we know who was driving the cart that had killed his son Jonathan 24 years earlier: Old Leadfoot Blood himself! (Or would that be Leadreins Blood?)

That's wild. I can see the newspaper headline of Dec. 7, 1787:

(David was my 2nd cousin 8R. His wife Abigail Farnsworth was my 3rd cousin 7R.)