Monday, September 20, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Lot Conant

Lot Conant, 1767, South Burying Ground, Concord, MA
Here lies
Interred the Remains
of Mr: Lot Conant, who
departed this Life
September. 20th: 1767.
In the 90th: year of
his age.

The sin of Adam's laid me low,
For sin hath wrought an overthrow;
From dust I came to dust am come,
And now the dust's become my home;
When Christ comes down with saints to rign
Then dust me no more shall detain.

The Park workshop carvers used this verse more than once. I think it's fairly awkward, but someone must have liked it.

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Brian Mcmurdo said...

Thank you for posting this photo of the grave marker for Lot Conant. Conant was an ancestor of mine, born near Salem, Massachusetts, and later moved to the Concord, Massachusetts area, near Fairhaven Bay, I think.

He was the great grandson of Roger Conant, founder of the town of Salem Massachusetts, and unofficially the first governor of Massachusetts.

Lot Conant was married three times. His land in Concord later became a site for the ramblings of Henry David Thoreau, who named the land occupied by Lot Conant's descendants "Conantum".

Nice pic!