Monday, October 18, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Ruth Parker

Ruth Parker, 1822, Pepperell, MA
Widow of
Died Mar. 20, 1822;
AEt. 89.
Nathaniel Parker, her
husband was kill'd at
the Battle of Bunker's
Hill June 17, 1775;
AEt. 36.
Weep not for me, but for your selves.


Robert J. said...

She appears to be Ruth Shattuck, born 7 Jan 1733, although Lemuel Shattuck has an incorrect death date for her.

Peter Fisk said...

Hypothesis: The Bunker Hill thing was a cover story, and Nathaniel Parker was actually killed by a speeding cart driven by Deacon David Blood.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have a photo for Nathaniel's?