Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: William Holroyd

William Holroyd, c. 1828, North Burial Ground, Providence, RI
Is erected to the Memory of
He was born on the 28th of March,
A.D. 1746. —
In all the relations of life, he maintained
A fair and unblemished character.
He was an affectionate husband and parent,
A sincere friend, active merchant, useful citizen,
And an honest man.
For more than half a century, he was an efficient,
Benevolent, exemplary, and pious member of the
His religion was not merely in name,
But being of the heart, it enabled him to endure
Frequent and severe trials with holy fortitude;
And in his last long course of debility
And pain, having CHRIST and His 
Righteousness as his only hope, 
He submitted
With unshaken confidence and resignation,
and came to his grave full of years

I assume that the epitaph continues in similar fashion at some length below the ground line. I have not yet found a transcription, which is a shame, as I imagine the the author probably came up with a delightfully prolix synonym for "died."

I think this was probably the same William Holroyd who served as a trustee of Brown University from 1789 to 1826 and died in 1828.

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