Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Allin Brown

Allin Brown, 1778, North Burying Ground, Providence, RI
To the Memory of
who was captured by a
British Ship and carried in
to the Harbor of Newport,
where he was infected
with the Small Pocks of
which he died May 4th,
1778: in the 57th Year of
his Age; and his Remains
were interred on the Neck.
This monument is erected
--- affection ---

Allen Brown was born on August 25, 1721 and grew up to be sheriff of Providence County and a pilot in Providence harbor. I haven't found too many details about his capture, but it looks like he was put in charge of a captured British ship during the war. The vessel was recaptured and Brown was imprisoned as mentioned on the gravestone. A report printed in the records of the Rhode Island Historical Society blames his death from smallpox on "the inhuman practice of confining the sick and well prisoners indiscriminately."

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