Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gravestone of the Day: Benjamin Peirce

Benjamin Peirce, 1735, Phipps Street Cemetery, Charlestown, MA

Benjamin Peirce
Son of Jerathmil
& Rebeckah Peirce
Died Febry 2nd
1735. Aged 7
Months & 5 Days

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Robert J. said...

A handsome and well-preserved little stone. We should all be so lucky.

"Jerathmeel" was a distinctive name in several generations of the Bowers family. There are Jerathmeel Bowers(es) scattered all across early Massachusetts.

The Jerathmil Peirce named here seems to be a grandson of one of those Jerathmeel Bowers(es). Peirce genealogy has been well studied; in some branches it's spelled Peirce and in others Pierce. (I've always heard the Peirce version is pronounced "Pers" or "Purse" -- as in the famous philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce and his father Benjamin, both of whom belong to this branch.)

Here's a complete genealogical profile.