Friday, February 11, 2011

Gravestone of the Day: Isabella Wildrage

Isabella Wildrage, 1789, Portland, ME

In Memory of
Mrs Isabella Wildrage
Consort of
Capt. James Wildrage,
who was born at the Island
of South Ronaldsha North Britain,
in the Year 1740,
& departed this Life
Septr. 23d 1789,
Aged 49 Years.

I think that the island is South Ronaldsay, pop. 854. 

Isabella Wildrage would be a good name for Fanny Forward's rancorous friend.


Jim Blachowicz said...

Do you know which cemetery in Portland this is? It doesn't look like Eastern and it's probably too early to be Western...

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

It is Eastern Cemetery. It may look strange because you can't really see any of the surrounding buildings in this shot.

I will never forget my visit to that cemetery because it smelled overpoweringly like rotting whale. I only have half the pictures I wanted because I had to hold my breath the whole time.

Martha Z said...

The smell is from the brewery down the hill. Some folks like the smell...

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

Interesting. Maybe it's one of those things where some people can taste a particular taste and others can't, because I was gagging the whole time. Just thinking about it is making me a little ill.

But my husband does enjoy Shipyard Brewing Co. products!