Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Children of Elizabeth DePeyster and Charles Willson Peale

The Peale Family, c. 1773, Charles Willson Peale*

Professor Ulrich spoke briefly about the family of Charles Willson Peale in a lecture this week. Here is a list of the 17 children born to Charles Willson Peale and Elizabeth DePeyster Peale:
  1. Margaret Jane, b. 1763 (they start out tame)
  2. James Willson, b. 1765
  3. Eleanor, b. 1770 (names for Charles' mother)
  4. Margaret Van Bordley, b. 1772 (ideas?)
  5. Raphaelle, b. 1774 (named for Raphael)
  6. Angelica Kauffmann, b.1775 (named for Angelica Kauffmann, painter)
  7. Rembrandt, b. 1778 (named for Rembrandt van Rijn, painter)
  8. Titian Ramsay, b. 1780 (named for Titian and [maybe?] Allan Ramsay, painters)
  9. Rubens, b. 1784 (named for Peter Paul Rubens, painter)
  10. Sophonisba Augusciola, b. 1786 (named for Sophonisba Augusciola, painter)
  11. Rosalba Carriera, b. 1788 (named for Rosalba Carriera, painter)
  12. Vandyke, b. 1792 (named for Anthony van Dyke, painter)
  13. Charles Linnaeus, b. 1794 (named for Carl Linnaeus, naturalist)
  14. Benjamin Franklin, b. 1795 (Franklin merits inclusion among the great scientists and artists)
  15. Sybilla Miriam, b. 1797 (named for Maria Sibylla Merian, illustrator and naturalist)
  16. Titian Ramsay, b. 1799 (the older brother of the same name died in 1798)
  17. Elizabeth DePeyster, b. 1802 (Elizabeth DePeyster Peale died soon after the birth of her youngest daughter).

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Anonymous said...

They were not all born to Elizabeth. Some were born to Rachel!