Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gravestone of the Day: Edward Thurber

Edward Thurber, 1795, NBG, Providence, RI

In Memory of
Son of Mr. Samuel
and Mrs. Hopestill Thurber;
who died July 6, 1795,
aged 34 Years, 4 Months,
and 15 Days.
He was honest, industrious & humane,
Early in life, he by accident
lost his left hand in military service.
Being a Manufacturer & Tr[adesman?]
he was on to the Carolinas, where, p-----ly,
he inhaled the cause of his exit:
on his return passage, was taken sick,
& in six days after his arrival home
fell a victim to Death,
leaving a Wife & Six Children to lament
the premature loss of an esteemed Husband
& affectionate Father.

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