Thursday, March 26, 2009

Langley Children

 Earlier, I tried to link to a picture of the Langley children's gravestone, but soon realized that I had never posted them. This was clearly an oversight — this is one of the most famous gravestones in Newport and an excellent example of John Bull's extraordinary carving skills.
Like the Charles Bardin stone, the Langely children's gravestone shows that John Bull was a talented artist. I wonder what he might have done with European training.
The Childs children's gravestone in Lexington is striking, but the Langley children's stone is a masterpiece.


Robert J. said...

The first thing I thought was: What a piece of slate! Can you imagine the work involved in getting a high-quality piece that big out of the quarry, preparing it, carving it, carting it to the burying ground, and then putting it in place (without cracking it!). It must weigh hundreds of pounds.

Unknown said...

We were recently in the Newport cemetery with friends,looking for their ancestors, and came upon this stone. It is really something to see up close, so well executed, a real work of art!