Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Anna Holyoke Cutts

Anna Holyoke Cutts, 1788, North Cemetery, Portsmouth, NH

Here lies (mix'd with the clods of the
valley) the Dust of Anna Holyoke Cutts
2d: daughr: of Samuel Cutts Esqr:
she cherfully resin'd her Soul to God
who gave it 28th of Augst: 1788. AE 20
With Life contented as in death resin'd
To sea's congenial flow the unspoiled mind;
Attending Angels hail'd her to that shore
Where Times dull [winter?]

Does this count as another way to say died? Number 60 is "Resigned His Soul to God" — do you think that "cherfully resin'd her Soul to God who gave it" is substantially different? I usually have no trouble booting a gravestone from 101 Ways to Say Died when I find a more interesting version of the phrase, but #60 is the gravestone of Yarrow, which is one of the few gravestones of African Americans in the series.

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molly said...

i just love the language used and the craft that goes in to making such a beautiful stone.