Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gravestone of the Day: Bezer Hill

Bezer Hill, 1821, East Bridgewater, MA

In Memory of
Who was killed by the
upsetting of a cart,
Sep. 20, 1821.
AEt. 29.
Adieu my friends, a long & sad farewell!
A scen more solemn than the passing bell:
I hope with God in glory I shall bloom,
Where sorrow, sickness, death, can never come.
Consoling thought! dear partner dry your tears,
Your friend has gone beyond your anxious fears;
Weep not for me, prepare without delay,
To meet that debt, you all must shortly pay.

Can't blame this one on David Blood.

I thought that this might be an example of Beza + accent = Bezer, but there is actually an obscure Bezer in the Bible. Maybe it's even the other way around — there's no Beza in the Bible, so maybe someone like Beza Soule is really Bezer + accent = Beza? There is a Bezaleel, though, so who knows.

In any event, the biblical Bezer appears only once. Some of his brothers and cousins listed in adjacent verses would also make great additions to my Alphabet: Jephunneh, Pispah, Ulla, Zophah, Imna, etc.


Robert J. said...

Is "B.L." the carver?

Jim Blachowicz said...

"B. L." = Barney Leonard (Jr.). It's his style, too.

Peter Fisk said...

Speaking of David Blood, ever wonder what happened to the top left portion of his gravestone? Looks to me like it got clipped by a passing cart!

Jim Blachowicz said...

"Bezer's" probate record in 1823 has him as "Beza."