Friday, March 18, 2011

Obscure Biblical Names: Cozbi

Cozbi Hayden

b. 26 November 1749

In the Bible, Cozbi is the daughter of a Midianite king. According to the Christian encyclopedia I use to find exhaustive lists of Biblical names, she was notable because she "seduced Israelite men into sexual sin and idolatry." She was killed with a javelin. Lovely. Why would you want to name your godfearing New England daughter Cozbi? I don't know, but I don't understand the Jezebels either.

Cozbi Hayden was the daughter of the staidly named Richard and Mary Hayden of Braintree, MA. Richard and Mary had an unusual naming style — their children were:

Aminadah (b. 1746, boy)
Cozbi (b. 1749, girl)
Asenath (b. 1751, girl)
Ziba (b. 1754, boy)
Cyrus (b. 1756, boy)
twin girls: Sage and Molly (b. 1759)
Lewis (b. 1763, boy)

It's like they ran out of steam toward the end. Who starts out with Aminadah and ends up at Lewis?

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