Saturday, July 19, 2008

Magnificent Mugs of Malden, Massachusetts

Let's lighten the mood around here, shall we?

Here are some excellent faces from the Bell Rock Graveyard in Malden, MA. As a side note, if you plan to visit this cemetery, you should bring a buddy with you. And tell someone where you're going. And watch out for condoms and broken glass. And maybe get a tetanus shot.

 Joseph Lynde stone (1805)
I guess by 1805, everyone had forgotten how to carve those soul effigies.

Samuel Sargent stone (1710)
I like that he seems to be looking into the grave with trepidation.

Dr. Jonathan Porter stone (1783) 
Mad-Eye Moody as soul effigy. 

 Mary Lynde stone (1781)
I like this one. It has a sense of motion.

 Rev. Eliakim Willis stone (1801)
What a goofy expression. He looks like he's been goosed.

 Peter and Mary Tufts stone (1703)
The mustache is what makes this great. 

And my personal favorite: 
Joseph Willson stone (1704)
Not seeing why this one is so special?
Try to see the death's head's eyes as nostrils and the swirls above as eyes.
Pig demon.

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