Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gravestone of the Day

Elizabeth Munroe, 1750, Concord, MA

Mr. THOMAS MUNROE, Who depar-
ted this Life Febry. ye 12th 1750 in ye 39th
Year of her Age, left a Sorrowfull Hus-
band & Ten Children, was Emenently
Meek in her behaviour, Virtuous &
Examplary in her Conversation in
ye Various Relations which she Sus-
tained, & hath left a Testimony that
She is indeed blessed as are ye dead
which Die in ye Lord, who rest from
their Labours & their works Do follow them

1 comment:

Robert J. said...

That's that beautiful banded slate that is so well represented in Concord (among other places). I'm still not quite clear on its origin -- I think it's from Braintree, but I'd like to have someone more knowledgeable specify the locality. That quarry was the principal slate source for the region before the Pin Hill quarry in Harvard was opened.