Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gravestone of the Day

Lucy Keating, 1803, Arlington, MA
To the memory of
The amiable consort of
Mr. Oliver Keating
Ob. Oct. 15, 1803
Æt. 44.


Robert J. said...

That one must be backdated too. Shame about the marble -- it's hard to imagine any of these will be legible in another 50 years.


Jim Blachowicz said...

Lettering suggests to me this was carved by an employee of the Geyer workshop named Benjamin Hodgdon, who quite carving in 1805. But the cherub/angel is pretty unique. So it's a very early marble -- not unheard of in the first years of the 19th century, even on the Atlantic coast away from Vermont.

Anonymous said...


I have this one up on my Flicr with no info....couldn't read the thing. I think I have her down as "Lucy Somethingorother-ing".

It really must have been a beautiful stone in its day.