Friday, May 7, 2010

2009 Social Security Name Lists

The 2009 Social Security Name Lists are out! Oh, how I love them.

Some highlights:
  • Isabella took the top spot by storm, beating out Emma by over 4,000 babies.
  • There are seven spellings of Caitlin in the top 1,000 (Kaitlyn (#67), Katelyn (#89), Caitlyn (#255), Caitlin (#266), Katelynn (#316), Kaitlin (#577), Kaitlynn (#634)). I did not bother to count the Kailyns and Kaylees. There are a lot.
  • Jacob is the top name for boys with 20,858 little Jacobs born in 2009. Yet, if you add up the number of babies named Aidan/Aiden/Aden/Adan/Ayden/Aydan/Aydin/Aedan/Aaden, it blows Jacob out of the water with 31,365. Jaden/Jayden/Jaeden/Jaydin/Jaydan/Jaydon/Jaiden also beats Jacob with 25,568.
  • For twin girls, the #7 combo is Heaven/Nevaeh. Also noteworthy: London and Paris (#18).  Another palindrome combo, Aidan/Nadia, is charting at #10 on the mixed-gender twin list. My favorite twin combo (anagram Alice/Celia) remains unlisted.
  • My name has slipped to to #3 among my siblings in terms of popularity — Graham is now #262, just edging Caitlin (#266). Benjamin continues to beat us all soundly. Wheeler and Brighid remain out of the running.
And some awards:
  • Shortest names: Ty (#222m), Bo (#782m)
  • Longest name: Maximiliano (#460m)
  • Most patriotic name: Liberty (#521f)
  • Highest combined m/f ranking: Taylor (#298m, #22f)
  • Tolkien-est name: Rohan (#531m)
  • Best use of letter X: Maxx (#958m)
  • Name with most to live up to: Messiah (#663m)
  • Least beating around the bush: Unique (#929f)
  • Scariest name: Aryan (#772m)
Laura Wattenberg has more analysis over at The Baby Name Wizard.

P.S. A hint for anyone who is interested: Snapdragon's name is not among the top 1,000.

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