Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Martha Green

Martha Green, 1768, Grove Hill Cemetery, Waltham, MA
Here lies the
Remains of Mrs. Martha
Green, wife of Mr:
Benjamin Green who
Departed this Life
December 25th: 1768. In
the 33d Year of her age.
who lived desired and died
Coruption Earth and wormes
Shall but refine her flesh,
Tile her triumphant spirit comes
[To put it on afresh.]

1 comment:

Robert J. said...

> who lived desired and died Lamented

This is a line I have on a local stone, and it's one I've been trying to trace to its source (if a distinct source exists).

Does anyone recognize this phrase? It may not have any special literary origin, but it feels like a line from a standard prayer of some kind. I have found a couple instances of it from the 1600s in printed memorials to Gov. Thomas Dudley, and one in a note in Savage's edition of Winthrop's journal.

Is that the edition of Winthrop's Journal you just got? If so, look for a note on the death of the wife of Samuel Skelton, 15 March 1631, where it is said "she was a godly and helpful woman; she lived desired, and died lamented, and well deserves to be honorably remembered."