Sunday, May 10, 2009

Genealogical Information Gone Wild

When Mary Alleine (or Allen) died in 1727, Obadiah Wheeler carved an extensive genealogy on her gravestone. Whether by design, oversight, or lack of space, he neglected to mention Mary's death date (September 18, 1727) and her age.
Here lies ye body of mrs
Mary Alleine ye wife
of mr joshua Alleine
of Mansfield by whom
she had seven Sons & thre
daughters john joshua
Geideon Yalberton [?] Samuel
George Eleazar Miriam
Mary Sary After he dyed 
she married mr william
Moore of Windham

William Moore's stone exhibits a similar commitment to naming as many people as possible.

A nearby footstone reiterates some of this information:
Mrs Mary Alleine
Aleios Moore she
had ben ye wife of
Mr joshua Alleine
& then of Mr Wm
Moore Dye
Mary Alleine, Windham Center, CT, 1727
carved by Obadiah Wheeler

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