Friday, July 30, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Amy Woods

Amy Woods, 1758, Pepperell, MA
Here lies the Body of
Mrs Amy Woods the
second Wife of Mr Isaac Woods
who departed this Life
September 10th 1758
in the 28th Year of
her Age

from Deaths Arrist no Age is free


Robert J. said...

She is Amy (Willard) Hazelton or Hazeltine, b. 25 Dec 1730, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Tarbell) Willard and widow of Samuel Hazeltine who had d. 23 Jun 1754.

Not many Amy's in Massachusetts in the 1750s. I wonder where Mr. & Mrs. Willard got the name.

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

Interesting — I guess it never crossed my mind that Amy was a rare name here because it shows up with some frequency in Rhode Island. Having started my gravestone studies in Providence, my view of "normal" is probably skewed a bit toward the oddities of Little Rhody (admittedly, it is and was a strange place). There are several names that are all over Providence/Newport, but rare in Boston — my favorite is Freelove.

Robert J. said...

Here's the whole family.

Isaac's first wife was named Tryphena. I'd hazard a guess there were more Tryphena's around Pepperell at the time than Amy's. But who knows, some of those weirdo freelove Baptists from Rhode Island may have snuck in somewhere. ;-)

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

Pete has a pair of great-great-great aunts named Tryphena and Tryphosa. I told him that if we ever have twins, they're near the top of the list, next to Diligence and Vigilance.