Friday, July 2, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Eunice Angier

Eunice Angier, 1771, East Bridgewater, MA
Here lies the Body of
Sister of the
who departed this life
October 5th 1771
having a little before
compleated the 73d
year of her Age

This is an interesting epitaph because it defines the deceased — an elderly, seemingly unmarried woman — in terms of her relationship to her brother. Other women's stones generally call them the daughter or wife of so-and-so, but "sister of" is quite rare.

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Robert J. said...

The Angiers, like the Mathers and the Rogers(es), were one of the big multi-generational ministerial families of the Puritan period. The first minister of Fitchburg was John Payson, who came from another such family, with four brothers all of whom became ministers. Before Payson was settled an invitation was extended to Rev. Samuel Angier, who I believe is the son of this John Angier; he turned Fitchburg down and settled in Bridgewater instead.