Monday, August 9, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Richard Warner

Richard Warner, 1768, Pepperell, MA
In Memory of Mr
he Departed this Life
Sept. the 15th, 1768 in
Ye 93d Year of his Age.
He was a Kind & Loving husband,
A pleasant & tender Parent, Compas
sionate to the poor, diligent in bu
siness honouring God with his
Substance, & now, is gone to receive
a reward for his past labour.

It looks like this carver initially left the d off of "husband" — the comma suggests that he didn't intend to put it on another line and the size of the d is much smaller than the last two letters of "receive." Dropped ds and ts are not uncommon in New England gravestones.

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Anonymous said...

Odd that "ERECTED" is the most prominent word yet also the most superfluous.