Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boston War Babies

I was looking through the Boston birth records today and found some patriotic names from the war years:
  • George Washington Appleton, b. 27 October 1775 to Nathaniel and Rachel Appleton
  • Samuel Adams Dorr, b. 1 July 1775 to Ebenezer and Abigail Dorr (a note in the records indicates that little Sam Adams was born in exile in Medfield, though his birth is recorded in Boston)
  • Israel Putnam Dawes, b. 17 May 1777 to William and Mary Dawes
  • Moses Hazen White, b. 8 November 1778 to William and Mary White
  • Henry Knox May, b. 18 May 1780 to John and Abigail May
  • Benjamin Franklyne Adams, b. 6 May 1782 to Samuel and Catherine Adams
There were some loyalist names, too:

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