Monday, August 23, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Butterworth Children

Rachel, Alfred, and Lewis Butterworth, 1795, Sheldonville, MA
In memory of Rachel,
Alfred, & Lewis; Daughter
& Sons of Capt. Noah &
Mrs. Rachel Butterworth;
Alfred died Septr. ye 12th,
1795. aged 2 years, Rachel
ye 25th, aged 7 years, & Lewis
ye 27th, aged 7 months.

I do not know who this carver is, but I am intrigued by his work. Every stone he cut looks as if it were designed for the Sturbridge Village gift shop. These stones were made between the 1780s and 1820s and tend to feature geometric tympanum designs rather than figures, urns, or plants. I have only seen his work in Sheldonville, MA, which is just over the border from Cumberland, RI.

Some other carvings:
Ruth Heaton, 1781, Sheldonville, MA
Hannah Harskell, 1788, Sheldonville, MA

Anyone out there know who carved these stones? Until I know his name, I will  call him the Sheldonville Geometric carver.

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