Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: Nevenson Stone

Nevenson Stone, 1749, Watertown, MA
Here lyes ye Body
of Nevenson Stone,
Son of ye Revd. Mr.
James Stone, of
Holleston, Decd. & Mrs
Elizabeth his Wife; Who
Died Decemr. 8th: 1749. in
ye 13th Year of his Age.

There was a Nevenson/Nevinson family in early Boston. They may have been related to Rev. Stone or his wife. It looks like Elizabeth's maiden name was Swift, but could be related to the Nevinsons in another way. Alternatively, Rev. Stone may have named his son after a Harvard friend or colleague in the tradition of the mix-and-match Tufts/Mather/Cotton naming scheme.

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Unknown said...

I believe his grandfather's (Ebenezer Stone) third wife was Sarah Nevinson. (She was previously married to a Livermore)