Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gravestone of the Day: John Angier

John Angier, 1787, East Bridgewater, MA
in memory of
the Revd. Mr. JOHN ANGIER
who died April 14th 1787
in the 86th year of his age,
and in the 63d year of
his ministry.
"Be thou faithful unto Death &
I will give thee a Crown of Life."

This stone was carved by Bildad Washburn (1762-1832). James Blachowicz includes a long description of Washburn's extensive carving practice in From Slate to Marble (pgs.227-237). According to Blachowicz, this depiction of Rev. Angier in his pulpit is one of only two portrait stones by Washburn. It is unusual among portrait stones because it embeds the portrait in a real-world landscape. Only a few portrait stones embellish the setting in this way.

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