Tuesday, March 11, 2008

17th Century Watch

Bringing you the latest news on the 17th century in the modern media, this is 17th Century Watch (cousin to Puritan Watch).

The most recent sighting comes from Slate Magazine, where we learn that Governor Eliot Spitzer used the alias "George Fox" when he was spending thousands of dollars on call girls.
Spitzer's choice of pseudonym was kind of rude. The real George Fox is a somewhat hallowed figure in the annals of Christian faith. He founded the Religious Society of Friends (aka the Quakers) in England during the mid-17th century.
Disappointingly (to me), the article has been updated to make clear that Gov. Spitzer was really impersonating this George Fox (a friend), not this George Fox (a Friend).

Even better, the name of the hotel where Gov. Spitzer met his dates was "The Mayflower."

I imagine that George Fox and William Bradford are having a scowling contest in heaven.

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