Monday, April 26, 2010

Pownall Family Hat

Ramona and Edna Pownall, Rochester, NY, c. 1922
This is Pete's great-aunt, Edna B. Miller Pownall, who married his great-grandfather's brother, Raymond Pownall, right after WWI. The scowling little girl in the squishy hat is Pete's first cousin twice removed, Ramona Pownall.

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Unknown said...

Hi Caitlin
Looks like these are my relatives. My grandmother's name was Edna B Miller Pownall and Ramona was my father's older sister. My dad's name was David Edgar Pownall. Edna Miller married Raymond Pownall in 1919 in Rochester, New York. Edna and Raymond had 5 children. My dad was born in Rochester.
Lisa Pownall