Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google Books Fingers

I found another one!


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A few years ago, I went to the Weymouth library to check out the town vital records on microfiche. It was a gorgeous day and I was thinking how in some ways it seemed silly that I was searching for my great grandmother's maternal grandmother's birth record. After all lots of people don't care about people they don't know, so, why did I care so much and would we have even liked each other. I remember driving to the library and looking up at blue skies fringed with budding trees thinking this is the same sky she would have been under and here I am thinking "Would it have meant anything to her to know that someone in the future cared and wanted to know more about her?" It was one of those moments of intense emotion which sometimes make me question my sanity. Any way, I didn't find her recorded in the town's birth records, but on the page she should have been recorded, I did find a poem someone had placed on that page when it was copied to microfiche. The first few lines of the poem were just like an answer from beyond. Farther along in the poem it got a bit more toward the romantic side of love, yet it was such a thrill to feel at that moment there was so much more to existence then can be explained. I made a copy of the page with the poem and if I come across it one of these days I wil share it with you. Vicky *:)