Friday, November 13, 2009

101 Ways, Part 112: Died in His Countrys Sevice

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UPDATE (11/23): Now with an improved picture!

I should have posted this one on Wednesday, but I just didn't think of it. Sorry for the terrible picture quality. I'm sure that I will be back in Groton soon and will try to do a better job.

Memento mori
Here lies the Body
of Mr. Nathaniel Stone
son of Mr. Nathaniel
Stone & Mrs. Sybel
his wife who died
in his Countrys ser
vice on Dorchester
Hill Octr. 22d. 1776
Aged 17 years one
month & 22 days.

Nathaniel Stone's gravestone would seem to indicate that he died while occupying Dorchester Heights during the siege of Boston. Yet, the dates are a little fishy. After the British abandoned Boston in March of 1776, there was little reason to continue occupying the heights and Washington's army spent the summer of 1776 moving toward New York. At the end of October, they were engaged in the Battle of White Plains.

I am left wondering whether the date might be mistaken or whether young Nathaniel, just a few weeks past his 17th birthday, was part of a militia guard left behind to guard Boston when Washington pulled his troops out.

Nathaniel Stone
d. 1776
Groton, MA
carved by the Park family

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