Tuesday, November 3, 2009

101 Ways, Part 105: Left This World

For a brief intro to the "101 Ways to Say 'Died'" series, click here.

Mary Emerson
d. 1784
Pepperell, MA

Be wise to day, tis madness to defer
Erected to Ye Memory of
only Daughter of Ye,
& Mrs. ABIGAIL his wife,
who in hopes of a better
Left this World June 20th; 1784
in the 33d Year of her age.
Though the righteous be
prevented by death it
Shall be well with him
for wisdom is Ye gray hair
unto man, & an . . .

This is a combination of two themes — leaving the world and exchanging this world for a better:


Robert J. said...

That's a handsome stone from John Dwight's transitional period, where his orthography is getting a bit closer to standard (although it was always very fine). The "Dwight drops" and "Dwight sprouts" are still prominent in the tympanum, and the face has taken on a new (and to me, odd) shape. His verses from this period are usually not italic -- also somewhat unusual.

Google tells me the line at the top is from Young's Night Thoughts. It's not one I've come across before.

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

I'm kicking myself because I have all of these Pepperell pictures and I somehow overlooked the "killed by a stock of boards" stone! I'll have to go back the next time it's sunny.