Saturday, November 21, 2009

101 Ways, Part 116: Submitted to the Stroke of All Conquering Death

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Abel Lawrence
d. 1770
Groton, MA

Memento mori
HERE lies Inter'd the Remains of
ABEL Lawrence Esqr: son of ye late Col
Wm Lawrence & Susanna his wife.
Being formed by ye GOD of ye Spirits of all
flesh with Superiour intallectual abilities,
he was Called forth in Early life to the
mannagement of publick bussiness, and
acquitted himself with honour. he was
for Several years a member of ye General
Court, a Justice of ye peace; he was affable
in his Disposition when he saw any in
Distress he felt for them & was ready to
Releive them to the utmost of his power.
Beleiving a state of immortality, he endav
oured to secure happiness therein, by the
Exercise of Repentance towards GOD & faith
in Christ. after patiently Endureing a long
and distressing illness, he submitted to
the Stroke of all Conquering death
on the 20th of September AD 1770
Anno AEtatis 41

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