Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cherry Stone

It's been a while since I posted a good early American name. So today, I bring you a fun name from Menotomy, MA:
Cherry Stone.
"Cherry Stone" reminded me of "Mille Stone," a little girl from Harvard, MA. I imagine that her name was probably pronounced as "Milly" and not "Mill," but who knows?
Since this epitaph does not specify the child's age, I can't be sure that it belongs to a young infant, but the lack of specificity and the weird plant-ish design suggests that it may.


VJESCI said...

.any relation to I wonder?

Robert J. said...

(Miss Cherry Stone perhaps has a cousin named Miss Peach Pitt.)

The fleur-de-lis device on little Mille Stone's stone is common on Park workshop stones. There are several in South Street, including the 1777 Oliver Fox footstone which has a device identical to Mille's.