Thursday, January 22, 2009

Presidents! (Part II)

For a brief introduction to the "Presidential Names" series, click here.

Andrew Jackson Quigley, Washington, CA, b. 1828
(bonus: Quigley's sons have the middle names Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan. This is especially remarkable because the kids were born in 1857, 1860, and 1866.)

Martin Van Buren Sharp, Washington, NJ, b. 1857
(bonus: mother's name is Cinderrella)

William Henry Harrison Nichols, South Kingstown, RI, b. 1841:

John Tyler Hall, Big Creek, AR, b. 1844
(bonus: brothers are William H. Hall, James M. Hall, Andrew Jackson Hall, and George Washington Hall)

James K. Polk Williamson, Davidson Co., TN, b. 1849
(bonus: has a brother named Chris Columbus Williamson and sisters named Moxy and Monroa Williamson)

Zachary Taylor Ellis, Morgan, IN, b. 1847
(bonus: has brothers named Wm. H. H. Ellis, Geo. W. Ellis, and Winfield Scott Ellis)

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