Friday, January 30, 2009


English-language poets in the Federal Census!

Lord Byron Bradford, Lauderdale, TN, b. 1879

Shakespeare Wigginton, Hawkins, TN, b. 1858

Edgar A. Poe Ballard, Springfield, CO, b. 1916

Longfellow Birdsong, De Armanville, AL, b. 1900

Wordsworth Wisenburn, Springfield, MA, b. 1908

William Blake Cunningham, Bradford, VT, b. 1857

Robert Burns Schollmeyer, Kenton Co., Kentucky, b. 1917

Sir Walter Scott McDowell, Albany, NY, b. 1877

Tennyson Price (and Tennyson Jr.!), Chicago, IL, b. 1906

Walter Whitman Rich, Kennewick, WA, b. 1896
(note: younger brother named Theodore Roosevelt Rich)

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Robert J. said...

> Longfellow Birdsong

> Wordsworth Wisenburn

You can't fool us. These are muppets. All this proves is that people were naming their children after muppets earlier than we thought.