Sunday, January 25, 2009

Presidents! (Part V)

For a brief introduction to the "Presidential Names" series, click here.

Theodore Roosevelt Perkins, Ironton, NC, b. 1903
(bonus: brother named William Taft Perkins)

William Howard Taft Fuhrman, Ramsey, NJ, b. 1908:

Woodrow Wilson Hughes, Little Rock, AR, b. 1917
(bonus: has a twin named . . . Woodrow)

Warren G. Harding Flippo, Paint Rock, AL, b. 1923

Calvin Coolidge Cape, Salinas, CA, b. 1926
(note: I really like this one. Lun Lung Cape and Wong Shee Cape came to California from China with their son, Lun Yuen Hien Cape, and named their next child Calvin Coolidge Cape. How's that for proclaiming yourself an American?)

Herbert Hoover Murphy, Cincinnati, OH, b. 1930
(bonus: older brother named Calvin Coolidge Murphy)

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