Friday, January 23, 2009

Presidents! (Part III)

For a brief introduction to the "Presidential Names" series, click here.

Millard Fillmore Marsh, Mentz, NY, b. 1848
(bonus: older brothers named Napoleon and Wellington, twin brother named Henry Clay)

Franklin Pierce Wise, Ephrata, PA, b. 1866
(bonus: brother named Abraham L. Wise)

James Buchanan Henson, Washington, IA, b. 1859
(bonus: father named Benjamin F. Henson, brother named George W. Henson)

Abraham Lincoln Ladd, Williamstown, MA, b. 1862
(bonus: In 1880, Abraham Lincoln Ladd went to work as a farm hand for the Hickox family in Williamstown, MA. The family included a 14-year-old boy named Lincoln Hickox.)

Andrew Johnson Meekins, Cumberland, VA, b. 1867
(bonus: brother named Jeff Davis and Robert Lee. What inspires a black mother to name her sons Jeff Davis, Robert Lee, and Andrew Johnson in the Civil War-era South? And if she didn't choose those names, why still use them in 1870?)

Ulysses S. Grant Gettys, Moore Creek, ID, b. 1864
(note: Ulysses S. Grant Gettys may be the single greatest Civil War name ever.)

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Rob Velella said...

How exciting to see Franklin Pierce represented in this trend!