Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Presidents! (Part VII)

For a brief introduction to the "Presidential Names" series, click here.

Gerald Ford Burton, Nevada

Jimmy Carter Weaver, Los Angeles, CA, b. 1982

Ronald Reagan Ryason, Texas, b. 1996

George Bush Osebreh, Fresno Co., CA, b. 1989

Clinton Bill Vo, Santa Clara Co., CA, b. 1992

Bush George Le, Harris Co., TX, b. 1995

The babies named after Barack Obama are not old enough to be included in Ancestry.com's databases, but they are turning up in the news.

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David A. Hopkins said...

Fun stuff, Cait...here's a famous one for you (maybe the most famous): Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, aka Woody Guthrie. The interesting part is that he was born in July 1912, just after Wilson had been nominated at the Democratic National Convention but before he was elected president. Makes me wonder how many namesakes of unsuccessful presidential candidates there are (there was a congressman from South Carolina in the 1960s named William Jennings Bryan Dorn). And will the name "Sarah" make a comeback among conservative parents?