Saturday, January 24, 2009

Presidents! (Part IV)

For a brief introduction to the "Presidential Names" series, click here.

Rutherford B. Hayes Radford, Lynchburg, VA, b. 1878

James A. Garfield Van Riper, Fayette, NY, b. 1879

Chester A. Arthur Hotaling, New Baltimore, NY, b. 1896:

Grover Cleveland . . . Cleveland, Charlotte Harbor, FL, b. 1896
(note: There are about 250 men and boys named "Grover Cleveland X" in the 1900 Census, and that isn't counting those listed as "Grover C. X".)

Benjamin Harrison Winterstteins, Philadelphia, PA, b. 1892

William McKinley Jones, Colerain, NC, b. 1897
(bonus: brothers named Theodore Roosevelt Jones and William Taft Jones)

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