Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Names for Generals

If you want your child to be a general in the US military when he or she grows up, you should plan now and give the little tyke a nice general-ish name. Need some inspiration? Here are some American generals with fun names:

Galusha Pennypacker: fought in the Civil War; youngest person promoted to rank of brigadier general (age 20)

Speed Fry: fought in Mexican-American War, Civil War; famous for killing Confederate general Felix Zollicoffer in 1862, which he may or may not have done

Pleasant Hackleman: fought in Civil War, killed at Corinth, MS in 1862

Green Berry Raum: fought in Civil War; later served as a congressman from Illinois; "Raum" is also the name of a particularly fierce demon

Wager Swayne: fought in Civil War; Medal of Honor recipient for gallantry at Corinth, MS

Zealous B. Tower: fought in Civil War; named after his grandfather, Zealous Bates, who was a Massachusetts soldier during the Revolution


Mark DeAngelis said...

Don't forget our favorite -
States Rights Gist. How could you not become a Confederate General with that name!!

Caitlin GD Hopkins said...

I actually saved him for a whole post all to himself :)