Sunday, April 26, 2009

Silva Gardner

This gravestone might not look like much, but it is an extraordinary object for one reason: it appears in the records of the John Stevens shop under the account of its purchaser, Newport Gardner, a.k.a. Occramar Marycoo.
John Stevens' book contains an entry for September 28, 1790 under Newport Gardner's account:
"To Cutting a pair of Grave Stones for your Child Silva . . . 15 shillings"

The footstone does not survive, but Silva Gardner's headstone still stands in God's Little Acre.

Newport Gardner paid for his daughter's gravestone with ten bushels of potatoes.

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Lori Stokes said...

Somehow learning that a father paid for his child's gravestone with potatoes is heartwrenching.

I love your blog, Caitlin!