Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Public Lives of Things

This weekend, I will be presenting a short paper at the University of Delaware's Material Culture Symposium for Emerging Scholars. The topic of this year's symposium is "The Public Lives of Things" and will feature a diverse array of presentations.

I will be speaking about Pompe Stevens' carvings. As readers of this blog know, I have been working on this project off and on for several months now. It's certainly not done — I'm thinking of taking it in a more literary direction, rather than an art-historical one — but I'm at a point where I'm ready for some feedback.

I'll set some gravestones to auto-post over the weekend for your entertainment. If you happen to find yourself near the Winterthur Estate on Saturday, come by and see me!

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kfrancher said...

Congratulations on the speaking opportunity. I like the title "Emerging Scholars". If you find one for "Old, Declining Scholars", let me know.

Good luck, Cailtin!