Monday, April 13, 2009

Deliverance Greene, Newport, RI

"Deliverance" is one of those virtue names that makes me wonder about nicknames.

It's also unisex virtue name — Deliverance Greene of Newport was a girl, Deliverance Wakefield of Boston was a boy, and I don't know about Deliverance Mesenger of Windsor, CT.

While looking for information on virtue names, I came across this wonderful modern list. If I ever have twins, maybe I'll name them Quintessence and Panache.


Robert J. said...

(Mrs.) Deliverance Longley was one of the people killed during the 1694 Indian raid on Groton. One of her children who was "carried to Canada" was ransomed by the French in Montreal, converted to Catholicism, entered a convent, and is sometimes called "the first American nun." Whether that constituted deliverance or not depended upon one's religious persuasion I suspect.

Unknown said...

Reading over the list of names on that page, they included some vices as well (I know, it does say "abstract concepts", but would you want to name your child "Pride"?).

Anonymous said...

I know I've come across the first name Dilly a few times in my genealogical pursuits. Now I am wondering if Dilly was a nickname for Deliverance? I know I found a few Leafys, who turned out to be formally named Relief. So to me it makes sense that someone named Deliverance might be affectionately called Dilly.